‘What pushchair will you get?!’…. ‘What car have you got?!’

Answers to another two popular questions below…

What pushchair will you get?!’


(Not one of my best photos – I blame it on the beige parker- but felt I had to include it so you could see the ‘side car’ option)….

Here is my preferred photo of the pushchair, with the single stroller option for when you have help….


(Yes, it does have a steering wheel…)

This was one of the most important things we needed to buy so I have detailed out my considerations and key attributes I required. After all, over years, what kind of pushchair I have has been asked by many. Or rather ‘Oh my goodness what kind of pushchair do you have? I bet it had to be custom made’ – No.

We needed something to hold three newborns and a toddler, and be practical and tick all my boxes. As you would imagine, there are not many pushchairs like this around. TAMBA do a great buggy guide which is available to members on their website so it is worth taking a look at this to start you off.

The key attributes I wanted my pushchair to have were as follows:

  • Space for three newborns to lie flat;
  • Space for a toddler;
  • Would fit ‘easily’ into my car; and
  • Had the option of using car seats on the chassis, making it easier to transport babies and taking up less space in the car. This purchase was key as this was to be my escape route out of the house for the next three years.

So we went for a Peg Perego Triplette. This suited us for the following reasons:

  •  All babies could lie flat from birth;
  • Car seats could be attached to chassis;
  • It was a train-like format with all the seats in a line so I was only ever ‘one’ wide so could get through the front door if all babies were asleep and could leave them sleeping in the hall; and
  • Was compatible with a Buggypod Smorph which was a side seat I attached to the side for my toddler. This folded in and out so I could still make it through the front door, just.

So there we have it. It was great and allowed me some freedom with my brood. Physically finding it was not that easy and I ended up buying it from Classie Chassis (www.pegperego.co.uk), who were wonderfully helpful (although they did think they were helping a childminder – oops I lied again). However, as they were based in Southend, Essex and we were in the Midlands, there was no chance of a test drive first. There are many pushchairs for triplets around but you may struggle to try before you buy. The Peg Perego Triplette was a wonderful pushchair and gave me my freedom and my boys a happy ride up to the age of three and half before I sadly waved it farewell and it is now used by the local childminder. I would highly recommend it, although as it is long, it is very noticeable so be prepared for the flurry of comments you will get – ‘I have never seen one of those before’, ‘I suppose you had to get that custom made’, ‘Do you need a HGV licence for one of those’ – (we got that one A LOT).

When my babies were about 18 months, I decided it was time to try an alternative pushchair. This was the O’baby Triple and was a stroller style.  I thought this would be easier to transport than the Peg Perego, and whilst it was, I found it difficult to push as the wheels are tiny, it was difficult to fit on pavements and didn’t fit through the front door. And I found that the boys couldn’t resist hitting each other or the occasional bite in it as they were just too close to each other, so I only used it a few times before I sold it on through eBay.


‘Oh my god what kind of car are we going to get’

Now this was a biggie. And another common question we got asked. When I found out I was pregnant, we had a MPV, which seats five, and a hatchback, which seats five. Hmm. We needed a six seater. But not just any six seater. We needed one that would fit four car seats in and the biggest pushchair you ever did see.

Luckily the company which ran my work car scheme allowed me to swap my hatchback for a Chrysler Grand Voyager as, according to the scheme rules, I was having a ‘lifestyle change’ (to put it mildly). This was great and we loved it, until in February I suggested we put in the car seats in our efforts to get prepared. And we hit a problem late at night in the dark on the drive. The seatbelts on the ‘back bench’ would not go around the car seats. Hmm. Not good. We needed those particular car seats as they fitted to the chassis of the pushchair and no others would do if I was to get out and about with as much ease as possible.

So on that evening when we were snuggled down to watch the latest Iron Man film, I could take the anxiety no longer. I set upon a massive internet stress and search operation to see if one could change the seat belts to make them longer. No. But you can get extending bits to put on seatbelts but then this was just going down the all too difficult route and do we really want to be messing around with the seatbelt safety issue. So there was nothing else for it. We would need a different car. Luckily my work car scheme surrendered and recognised there was nothing they could do to help me as the Chrsyler Grand Voyager was the biggest car they could offer, so bid me farewell.

And with open arms we welcomed my new best friend, the Hyundai i800,which was just the best thing ever and I loved it to bits.

Hyundai i800 Grey UK 08

(Vroom… look at her go….)

It was really really huge. An eight seater (so even room for twin girls I teased, well sort of, up to the day we traded it for a seven seater when the boys were three and five and we wanted a bit more ‘luxury’ in a family car) and the pushchair fitted into the back with such ease you just wanted to jump in too, which was better than the previous vehicle as I would have had to take wheels and bits off to squeeze the pushchair in. So in March we were ready. Phew.


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