Hello, from your Mother’s side…..Alternative Adele lyrics


My latest preferred lyrics (for the chorus bit), sometimes sung, sometimes shouted….

Hello from your mother’s side

I can not count the times I’ve tried

To tell you to not hit*, cos it’s not what we do

When will you listen, when will it get through

HELLO??? from your mothers side

I must have asked a thousand times

For you to answer, or to listen to me

Oh please just tell me, what do you want for your tea?

Agggghhhh Aghhhhhhhh Help me God

Aggggghhhhh Agggggghhhh F’luv of God

* substitute with latest phase in your madhouse at the moment – bite, throw, pinch, kick, scream…..

(Sorry if I have ruined the song for you now……I do actually have full lyrics from a ‘sometimes this is hard but it’s for your own good’ mummy perspective, which maybe one day I will post)


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