Bath time


We started the boys on a bath time routine after two weeks. I think we quickly realised here that the key was to establish a bath time and bedtime routine as soon as possible, as you would with a singleton.

We used a Summer inflatable baby bath which was great. A new born does not need a wallow, glass of milk in hand, or have a splash around with some toys. It needs a quick functional wipe down, and although does not need a bath every night, it was great to get them into a bedtime routine, so we always bathed every night. They knew what was coming. We used our family bathroom on the top floor of our three-storey house (here comes the exercise). This was a good size, carpeted and warm. The only annoying thing was the number of trips one needed to do to get three babies upstairs. My husband would use a baby sling (bought for toddler boy, and the only time ever used with the three babies) to take two upstairs (one in sling, one in arms) and I would follow with the third. One of us would bath all three babies in turn (the other dealing with toddler boy). They were normally quite happy having a little kick around waiting for their turn, but if not, and they were desperate for their expectant milk, you could easily speed up the cleaning process. If they are crying, try to keep calm. All they want is their milk, and they will get it soon.

We had the another ‘changing station’ in this bathroom (wedge changing mat, nappies, bags, cotton wool, creams) and ensured before the bathing procedure that there were clean baby-gros. With my singleton we used the nice snuggly bath towels with hoods. We soon realised that when bathing three babies at once, we just need enough good quality big towels to do an efficient job and keep them warm.

Whilst one of us was bathing the babies, the other would prepare the milks, which would be in our bedroom room ready (woe betide the milk preparer if they weren’t) for when the hungry babies arrived in our bedroom (cot first for safety issues, not on the bed, until all regrouped and supervised). Toddler boy would then have his bath, with whoever had done the babies baths, ensuring we both spent time with all boys.

A little tip here which will save time later is when you are undressing babies, get into the habit of taking their clothes off so they don’t get turned inside out, or if they do, put them the right way straight away. This will speed up the sorting process when getting them out of the tumble dryer and sorting to put away, and when you are doing on average two loads a day, you will notice this helps you be more efficient.